UPIX Networks informs acquisition of 76 Telecom

With the acquisition of 76 Telecom, UPIX Networks consolidates itself in the Brazilian market and expands its Fiber Optic network and Data Centers in São Paulo.

Since its inception, UPIX Networks has offered global connectivity solutions, with a focus on the North and Latin American markets. After 4 years operating in the Telecommunications sector, UPIX Networks informs that it completed the acquisition of 76 Telecom on December 20, 2022, aiming to expand the Fiber Optic network and Data Centers in the Brazilian market.

This acquisition is part of UPIX's plans to consolidate itself as an international operator of connectivity services and intelligent infrastructure, expanding its optical network infrastructure in Brazil, increasing its competitiveness with OTTs, Operators and ISP's customers.

Details of the operation were not disclosed, however, the parties had been negotiating since mid-March 2022 and recently reached a final agreement. 76 Telecom has been in the market since 1998 acting as a telecommunications operator, present in the state of São Paulo and offering solutions in Fixed Telephony, Internet and Data Center.

“Some of 76 Telecom's assets will be sold to other players, as they are not part of the company's operational and commercial strategy, informs Ronaldo Pelizon, CEO of UPIX.”

The UPIX Networks already has more than 250 Points of Presence (POPs) and this number should be increased after the acquisition of 76 Telecom. In addition to this leap in infrastructure, the startup will win the STFC (Fixed Switched Telephone Service) license from ANATEL, a Data Center and 5 thousand km of optical network in the Region of São Paulo and Vale do Paraíba.

All this expertise, combined with UPIX Networks's international remote provider infrastructure, will be competitive differentials to expand its participation in the domestic market after the acquisition of 76 Telecom.